Sunday, 10 February 2013

Play test! Yeah!

So play test last night – first in a while – only change was a reduction in the end of game points for resources and hexes.  4 players – bit over two hours – but with lots of faffing and talking about larp.  So 90 minutes is starting to look like a reasonable time frame.
Very solid game – worked well – I thought I was going to run away with it but got caught up with (and passed) on the last turn after I messed up - seems smooth and sensible.  Not all of the cards seem to be working – specifically the points awarding ones.  The Shaman says what cards – some of the RongaRonga’s.  I did mess up and forget the very important rule of “if attacked – draw a card” which is the second time I have done that.  And it’s very clear just how good a rule that is as somebody got pounded on when that rule was missing……..
There has also been feedback that setting the cards up differently – so it was more obvious that the cards where an “or” would be good and there is an idea floating around to flip the bottom part of the card over so it’s more obvious what way you play it.  That combined with needing to reduce the number of cards down to 54 means that the next bit of work is clearly redoing the cards. 
So glad I got that sorted.
I’m considering removing invite your neighbours– it’s a pretty powerful card and it reduces the whole “running around like loons” part of the game.
Need to work out the ratio of dual use cards to single use cards.
Need to work out the amount of movement cards – because without movement cards your options are pretty limited.
Not sure about the ratio of “men” to “cards” you get when you pick a build card either.  A small hand of cards is quite crippling as you lose the ability to do stuff.  And with a fairly low cap on the total number of men you can have – a card that gives a lot of men will not always be the most welcome.  But cards are random while men are certain.  Given the game only takes 4/5 turns I’m thinking maybe of just getting more men and cards into the game – and hence more options and more fights – is a good thing.    Not sure about this one.
It’s feeling like a very solid framework of basic rules – now it’s all about ratio’s and balance.
But big problem is making sure stuff is play tested before the final version is made……..