Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Looks at date of last post....

.....that is a while ago!

So what is going on?  Frankly - not a lot.

A bunch of personal things meant I've not played anything in ages - let alone got in a play test for Giant Stone Head.

I also seem to have lost any enthusiasm for the project.  I mean - it's a decent game - but I'm not sure it will ever be a good game.  I don't see a path from her to physical product that is worth selling.

So unless I have some sort of mind expanding road to Damascus moment I suspect I'm going to create a final personal version and then cease design.  It's been interesting and I've learned a lot.

Which according to Game Design: How to Create Video and Tabletop Games, Start to Finish is all you need to be a game designer.  The next step is not game design but games publishing - which is actually a totally different beast and it's the design which interest me.

I'm not sure I totally accept that argument since getting the game to be physically created is a really important thing- but we might want to consider Giant Stone Head the equivalent of a first novel - nobody expects there first novel to get published so why it would be different for a first game?

Anyway - onwards and upwards.

I was chatting to an internationally renowned fantasy artist of my acquaintance - and she raised the possibility of producing a simple game with some of there art on it to be sold directly to there fans.  They set a budget, a size, and a complexity level.  I've got a decent theme so that is the next project.

I've started looking through the ideas file - and there's some good stuff in there.