Saturday, 30 November 2013


Is the eventual name I settled on for the coffee project.

I've had a bunch of ideas - which finally made it into a version that I moved some bits around the table with. but sadly that just did not work.  So back to the drawing board.

Some things are fixed.

After your turn anybody you've sat with will get a change to take a move buy drinking a cup of coffee (so no fixed turn structure - rather being near somebody means they might take another move).
It's set in a single coffee shop - with a single long bench - and when you move to a new seat you interact with the people around you.
It's about finding out what scoring opportunities exist - and picking the one you want.
The person who leaves the coffee shop first gets to pick the scoring card they want - while people who stay score up more resources to spend on those cards.  So that's a key tension to the game - go now and grab something or keep moving.

What is not fixed....

Why sometimes you'll want to interact with lots of people and why sometimes you won't want to avoid people (the choice is important).
What you get (in addition to seeing scoring cards) when you interact that is a known quantity.
Times when you'll want to stop after your move and times when you'd want to keep moving.

So this is me mainly saying "I'm not dead" - rather then having any specific plans.

Saturday, 16 November 2013


Or since that name is taken - what ever I end up calling it.

So I've got a bunch of mechanics worked out.

I now exactly what the missing needs to do - and the sort of trade off I wants players to be making on there turn (end the turn early for first pick/cheapest but have less resource and less idea of what the options will actually be - or end the turn late and have less options).

But can I actually turn that into anything remotely resembling a system - can I arse.  My brains got stuck.

Stupid brain.

Apparently I'll be calling it Coffeehouse since that name is not being used.....

Sunday, 10 November 2013


So I was reading the book A History of the World in Six Glasses (it's very good) and the section about coffee made me go 'Hmmmmm' about a game based around moving from coffee shop to coffee shop where drinking a coffee allows you to take another move.

And that was pretty good - and I got sketching out version 0.01 and then I ran into a problem.

So it's mainly around people meeting in coffee and exchanging information - which creates a trading mechanic.  However the key thing about gossip is that after you trade it- you still have it....

And all of the trading mechanics I can think off seem to involve the swapping of stuff.

I'm hoping to sleep on it and see if there is a stroke of inspiration....